IT Department

IT Division, as an interinstitutional unit, organizes classes of ‘Basics of Information’ and ‘Information Technology’ for students of all institutes. Since, nowadays, each graduate of the first-cycle studies should be able to use modern tools, such as computers, it is obligatory, in the first year, to attend the courses of basic computer skills adequate for a particular discipline.

IT Division offers education in four laboratories equipped with modern computers and specialized software for students of all majors. Computers and terminals are connected with local net and they have access to the Internet. In the rooms there are also multimedia projectors which enable academic teachers to conduct lectures and classes with the assistance of presentation techniques.

The computer laboratories can be also used by academic teachers who use computers during classes (e.g. computer graphics, designing, multimedia, engineering graphics or information systems in accountancy). Moreover, the division cooperates with the post-graduate education division in organization of classes at the post-graduate level. Outside classes, students can make the use of terminals in the school library.

In long term, the IT division plans to organize IT courses and workshops for individuals and groups.