Institute of Science and Technology

major: Metallurgy
special field: plastic processing of non-ferrous metals
– extractive processes engineering of non-ferrous metals

3,5-year studies leading to engineering degree (B.Sc.Eng.)

The studies prepare specialists in the field of plastic processing, metallurgy as well as materials engineering. The curriculum comprises such basic subjects as: mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, education of materials and materials technologies; general-technical subjects: engineering graphics, mechanics, electrotechniques and electronics; arts subjects, economics and foreign languages. Student placements enable them to learn current production problems of implementing modern technologies. Students graduate after the successful defence of a bachelor’s thesis. Graduates achieve the title of an engineer and they are prepared to take a job in production enterprises of modern materials as well as ceramics companies, enterprises of building, metallurgic materials and firms of plastic production or plastic processing. The curriculum includes a detailed education of information systems in industrial processes assistance, in particular, technologies in processes of producing and modifying materials, rational use of energy, environmental protection as well as waste utilization.

On the basis of acquired theoretical knowledge and experience, graduates will be prepared to start engineering and economic enterprises related to technological designing, processing, selecting and exploiting metallic materials as well as their refining, and machines, measurements in plastic processing.

Outstanding graduates can continue their education at the second – cycle (master level) studies at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

major: Automatics and Robotics
special field: robotics and mechatronics

3,5-year studies leading to engineering degree (B.Sc.Eng.)

Graduates of this special field are prepared to resolve technical, mechatronic, managing and marketing problems with a view to automation and robotation, including problems with recognizing and analyzing phases of production processes, their surrounding in relation to automatics, mechatronic designing of manipulators, robots and other systems which consist of integrated electronic, electrical and mechanical elements. Students learn how to implement modern technology, use robots, information systems, sensor machines and various techniques of constructing steering and propulsion systems, as well as how to use information technology in various fields of techniques. During their studies, students learn theoretical and practical basic information in such fields as: electric and hydraulic propulsion of machines, steering and programming manipulators, designing mechatronic systems and others. Students also learn how to use computers at advanced levels. Moreover, they gain a lot of knowledge in IT, automatics, computer assistance of designing and quality management of production, programming both universal computers and digital controllers. Graduates are familiar with algorithms for automatic regulation and other computable decision algorithms.

The academic teachers ensure classes and lectures of the highest quality and standard, as they belong to the best specialists in their fields. They are representatives of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and other Polish Universities.

Where to find a job?

Achieved qualifications, knowledge and experience give graduates opportunities of working in all branches of industry and administration, in fact. Most frequently, graduates start working as main mechanics or enterprise automatics, in electromachine industry, in scientific-research divisions or in education institutions.