Institute of Humanities / Arts

When presenting the activity of the Institute of arts at the State Higher Vocational School in Glogow it is worth mentioning the history of higher education in that town.

The development of the institute was important for the town’s social life, and it can be divided into the following stages; first, was the appearance of several branches of higher schools, in which Glogow residents could study part-time, second, was the awakening of the desire to have the town’s own higher education and pursuing the efforts by the local community to establish one, thirdly, was the beginning of the academic year and matriculation of the first PWSZ students, in October 2004.

Visual Arts Education played a special role in this short history, later it was transformed into Arts Education, which instigated the thought of having the school of higher education in Glogow, that would allow young town dwellers to gain a higher education certificate on a tuition-free basis for full-time studies. At that time, Dr. Eugeniusz Józefowski, reader, started working in Glogow and under his guidance, the project of applying for an independent State Vocational School was launched.

The institute for Humanities has modern facilities and well equipped workshops and classrooms at students disposal. The institute offers studies in three fields:

– Visual Arts Education
– Pedagogy
– Culture Studies

The School is located near big parks and in the vicinity of the old town. This place is a testimony of the long multi-cultural history of Glogow as well as a symbol of the continuation of the town’s old traditions. It creates a unique atmosphere, in which students’ awareness and creativity grows.