Department of Physical Education

The main objective of physical education classes is to develop student’s fitness in general as well as to improve their health and physical abilities. We also want to encourage young people to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Classes are held once a week. Students have a choice in which sports activities they want to participate. The array of activities is wide: classical and modern dance, self-defence classes, aerobics, tennis, swimming and team games, such as football, volleyball and basketball. The school can use the best facilities in town, such as a modern sports hall, swimming pools, gyms with saunas, and very well preserved tennis courts, which belong to the school.

Apart from regular classes, students can attend additional, bi-weekly, meetings of the academic sports club, where they can master their skills in playing volleyball and basketball.

Our goal is also to propagate walking tourism as well as mountain and biking vacations during which our students will have an opportunity to get to know the beauty of the whole country.

Students not only take part in prepared classes but they also are encouraged by the teachers to take the initiative to create their own sports activities. As PE teachers, we would like to be able to meet the students’ expectations. We will continue to take all efforts to put their ideas into practice.